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ZUCA Testimonials

Read these ZUCA reviews from pro makeup artists and stylists:

My ZUCA Pro Artist Case and Artist Backpack premiered at the HUGE press junket for Valentine's Day yesterday at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. Because of the intense security, my camera never came out of my bag, but it has NEVER been easier to organize my stuff and have it on hand when I needed it. I used the individual bags for products (1), my blow dryer (2), combs and brushes (3), blow dry special brushes (4), and the side right pocket for my 3 irons............(the protective pocket is brilliant! I used to always to pack the individual envelopes for the irons.) This makes it soooooooooo easy.

It was sooooooooo great being able to open the bag and reach in for exactly what I wanted and needed. And, being able to pack everything up at the end of the day in a second.
I will definitely get some pictures at the premiere of Alice in Wonderland in London in a couple weeks.

Thanks again, I really am thrilled with the PERFECT organization and travel ability of the ZUCA Pro seat/bag and accessories.

David Blair


I love using my ZUCA Pro Artist Case and especially adore how chic and stylish it is.
I travel all over the world with my celebrity clients and find my ZUCA Pro Artist Case to be convenient for carrying all of my make-up essentials. In my action packed industry, I find ZUCA to be a great tool and I receive so many complements when I use it. There is no other ZUCA Pro Artist Case on the market-durable, practical and chic!

Elan Bongiorno


I GOT A ZUCA, and I am LOVIN' IT!! There is NO typical day in my life...and the ZUCA helps to bring stability to my harried job.

I am a make-up/hair stylist, and I travel everywhere! I have had many pieces of luggage ruined from the so-called friendly skies. With all the restrictions from the TSA, when I travel I feel like I am rolling the dice hoping all my products will make it intact. Your product handles the rough and glamorous life that is a make-up/hair stylist en route!

I use the ZUCA Pro Artist Case and Artist Backpack as my carry on items and off I go to the security checkpoint knowing the included travel pouch won't be an issue for my liquid items. The TSA security guard tells me that they like my bag and is grateful for the Utility Pouches to make the search of my carry on quick and efficient! I get to the gate with plenty of time to hurry up and wait. I look around and every seat is taken. Well, since my ZUCA Pro is compliant with carry on restrictions, NOT every seat is EVER taken and when I open my laptop anywhere becomes my office. I don't worry anymore about the airlines destroying my supplies or an item getting ruptured in transit anymore. The vinyl pouches keep all spills contained. The way everything stacks inside the ZUCA practically eliminates any surprises I used to get upon arrival! I no longer have to carry a chair with me (I have 2!) or a rolling cart to carry all my supplies, so my load has been lightened saving money on extra baggage fees! YAY!

Many locations have stairs involved and the way I can snap the Artist Backpack onto the handle of either ZUCA is great! The ZUCA is such a big part of my life now!

Thanks again for making such wonderful products! I LOVE my ZUCA!!

Heather A. Hawkins


My ZUCA Pro Artist Case, is essential at every shoot. It stores more make-up than any case I've ever used, keeps everything organized and professional - since it's the only case I carry. But the real magic of this case is that it can hold the weight of a person, I've lost count on how many times I've had clients sit on the case while I did their make-up or when it's been my stool between shots. And I love that it rolls, which saves my back. It's a must have for any make-up artist!

Kandee Johnson


I am beyond impressed with the ZUCA Pro Artist Case and Artist Backpack I received! The insulated pockets make life so much easier as I am constantly on the go. I was very impressed with the construction of the bags. I would highly recommend this bag to any Makeup Artist who is on the go and the Artist Backpack makes for a great set/studio bag. I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful product with my fellow makeup and hair artists. ZUCA has really outdone themselves!!

Maria Maio


I just got this ZUCA Pro Artist Case and I'm buying two more! I love it, it's perfect for when I travel from L.A. to N.Y. and need to downsize.

I normally carry 3 large Tumi bags to every job. This bag is perfect to pre-pack for a specific client. With its durable frame, I can even sit my clients down on it to do touch-ups as it works as a chair, too. The Utility Pouches inside make it easy to find everything I need.

Troy Jensen


As a Makeup Artist, I need to be able to condense my kit and ZUCA allows me to do that! Not only does it help me organize my products, it allows me to be mobile with its streamlined structure and light weight design.

I work in print and television and many times am waiting in between shots or takes, the ZUCA is great because it also makes a great seat to rest in between powder puffs! I travel often between New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, although planes do not allow you to carry-on liquids, I pack all other makeup products and tools in my ZUCA which fits easily in overhead compartments of both trains and planes.

In addition to artistry, I own and author a beauty blog, Makeup Artist Backstage, which features a special category, In My ZUCA. This category provides a detailed look at specific makeup products and tools I carry in my ZUCA.

Victoria Stiles

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