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  • Z Palette Dome Deep Palette
  • Z Palette Dome Deep Makeup Palette
  • Z Palette Dome Deep Palette
  • Z Palette Dome Deep Palette

Z Palette DOME Deep Palette - Black

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Z Palette
$3.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

    The Z Palette Dome is created deep enough to fit your mineralized and baked dome-shaped shadows. 

    How to use Z Palette: depot and consolidate your colors into any Z Palette with the empty pans and stickers included.

     . Clear window feature to organize by color or brand

     . Comes with 20 pieces of the Z Palette round metal stickers

     . Strong magnetic nase that hold colors firmly, intact and safe

     . Excellent for Pros and Makeup Lovers!

     . Perfect to Customize Different Products from Different Brands

     . Free up space and organize your cosmetics with Large , Extra Large, Medium and Small Z Palettes

     Photo shows 4 MAC mineralized powders, 6 Milani/MAC mineralized eye shadows-shadows for display only

    *Now comes with 20 pcs of the Round/Square metal Z Palette stickers*
    Outside 8.06"L x 5.44"W x 0.75"D
    Inside 7.44"L x 4.69"W x 0.44"D

    Let the Sturdy and Durable Magnetic “Z Palettes “organize your makeup life. Have all your favorites available in one handy palette. It’s easy to get the products out of their original packaging. There are several ways to “De-Pot” your eye shadows, blushes, bronzers and pressed powders.

    Here are few tips and the things you will need to get started.

    You will need

    . Collect all of your products you will want to consolidate, like the ones in single compacts and original palettes.

    . Small Metal knife, blending spatula (like the ones Makeup artist use on palettes) or Nail File

    . Wax Paper to place on top of flat iron if you advance to this method

    . Flat Iron- or Oven- Both methods work well depending upon how many you want to heat up at once

    . A Magnetic Z Palette in small, medium, large or extra large

    . Remove excess glue from underneath some pans with “Goo- Be-Gone” the easiest way! And best remover to have in any household for stickers and pricing labels from stores! You will love this for so many uses. About $4.00, you can get it at any Staples, Walgreens, CVS or Home Depot stores


    The PRYING TECHNIQUE:- Some brands will separate more easily than others. Try this method first by using the THIN metal knife close to edges and simply pop it out. If it does not come out you will need to go to the Next Method

    The STRAIGHTNING IRON TECHNIQUE: Heat up Flat Iron and place a small piece of cooking wax paper to protect the plastic or metal packaging being directly on the heated iron plate. Leave on for a few minutes as the heat will loosen the glue and allow you to pry up the individual metal pan out of the palette.

    The OVEN TECHNIQUE: This is a great way to heat several palettes at once and depot more at one time. Heat oven to 300 degrees and place on a cookie sheet. Watch carefully while in oven, as some brands take longer to heat than others. Look for when the plastic starts to melt away and remove from oven. At this time, use your metal spatula, or thin metal knife to pry open, it will be easiest right out the oven. Don’t wait for them to cool down.

    Be careful when the packaging can get hot!

    Keep in mind,that every brand has diverse packaging and you will likely see everything from cardboard to plastic to metal. If the pan is not metal, simply put one of the included magnetic stickers on the back and place in palette. Use a small fine tipped “Sharpie” pen (it will not come off once it dries) to write the name of the color and brand on the back of the pan, so when you replace it, you will know it!


    *Please note shadows made in non-metal pans (for example, MAC de-potted shadows) will need metal stickers to adhere them to the magnetic pan in the Z Palette. Metal stickers are now included with every palette.


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