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Quality Commitment

At Makeup Creations Quality is Not an Option!

 Our focus is always on high quality that lasts.

We do not cut quality even if it costs us.

Yvonne refuses to cut corners or sell lower quality even if it costs us sales. We understand this may cost us customers who focus only on the sale price rather than the much higher cost of trying to work with a cheap case that breaks on the job.

The expression You get what you pay for is just the beginning.

At Makeup Creations we focus on a higher level of Detail and Quality even if it costs a little more. And yet we also work very hard to bring you great prices without sacrificing quality or standards.

Appearances vs. Reality.

Other Makeup Cases may look the same but are not made to our high standards with high quality materials. We do our best to show you high resolution images of our products so you can see details our competition may not want you to see. And yet we know a picture can't compare to actually touching and working with our products.

At Makeup Creations we pay close attention to detail. Our finishes and edges are thoroughly completed and solid. We put extra effort into avoiding rough and sharp edges, to make sure our drawers, hinges and latches work smoothly while being strong enough to last for years all without being too heavy.

For example our Makeup Creations Interchangeable Cases use thicker than average Aluminum Panels that are built stronger so they won't bend when filled with your valuable product and tools. This is what we mean when we say our cases are designed to stand the test of Time!

Everything starts with a Good Foundation.

Our Case floor is built with thicker Aluminum reinforced by a Steel frame for added strength to hold up to regular travel. Similar looking cases may only have several small rivet points through cardboard, plastic or thin aluminum panel that can't hold up to professional use. This is one place where cheaper cases often break down and become wobbly. Yvonne Knows!

THEIRS: This is why they do not show their case bottom online. Only a few rivets holding thinner case bottom together.
OURS: Sturdy Aluminum plate with Steel reinforced frame for extra strength and durability. Designed and built to last longer!
Click on the image above to get a closer look at our steel frame.

Makeup Creations Cares!

Safely getting your tools of the trade to the job is important. Our rolling cases have larger than average wheels built with durable polyurethane mounted on ball bearings so they roll comfortably to and from almost any location. Our wheels are wider so they are more stable on rough surfaces and soft enough to roll quietly on smooth flooring. We mount our wheels extra securely to hold up under regular travel.

THEIRS: Smaller, thinner wheels with thin plastic hubs, unprotected screws through hub corrode sooner.
OURS: Larger, wider, thicker wheels for smoother ride, protected hubs finished off with caps for safety and durability.

We focus attention on craftsmanship and detail always using quality construction that works as hard as you do!

Health and Safety.

Your safety is important. Our Makeup Creations cases exclusively use high quality top grade plastics, not cheap mixtures with high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may give off toxic fumes or gases into your work environment.

We are always looking for green options, like recycled aluminum and steel, in our cases but would never risk your health or the health of your client just to save a buck.

Here's an example showing important details you can't normally see.


This popular case from our competition uses a wheel corner mount made from low quality plastic that became brittle and broke off. It was held on to the case with three rivets still visibly holding the last pieces of the plastic wheel mount to the side panels. Clearly the plastic failed.

But here is the interesting revelation. Inside the corner you can see two of the three side frame rivets were never installed. This workmanship flaw was hidden from view by the wheel corner mount and yet you could still feel the case was a little wobbly when filled with tools and product. Ultimately it may have been the combination of poor workmanship and low quality plastic that caused this specific failure.

Makeup Creations cases use the highest quality materials and parts, but that is not enough. We build with the highest level of workmanship so even the hidden parts of the case are done right. This is one reason why we can say our cases last longer.

Details Inside and Out.

Yvonne knows the most costly part of her case is not the case itself but the contents. Her product and tools represent a serious investment and getting them on location safely without getting jumbled or damaged is top priority.

Many cases have movable dividers so you can make different sized sections to hold just about any shape product or tool and keep it in place when traveling. This is a feature professional makeup artists demand and yet it is something where a little extra quality and attention to detail can make a very big difference in productivity and protection over time.

Makeup Creations cases use dividers that fit snug to stay in place. The dividers are higher quality to be strong and protect your contents so you get there ready to work with product and tools that stay right where you put them.

The details are important.

THEIRS: Insecure slots hold dividers made from low quality materials that bend, break or fall out when traveling.
OURS: Firm slots holding higher quality dividers designed and built to stay in place to keep your product and tools safe.

Take a close look at our lock latch and case corner protection. We use a thicker and stronger steel, not aluminum, where it counts to give you an extra secure hold. Details like this are very important to us.

Makeup Creations Cases are Built to Last!

Now you know a little more about our serious commitment to quality and why we believe it is worth paying a little more to get quality that lasts.


- See more at: https://www.makeupcreations.com/Top-Quality-Makeup-Cases.htm#sthash.khRJ4F4h.dpuf


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