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Working as a Professional Makeup Artist

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Every face is a different shape and size, and the key to being a good makeup artist is to be able to determine face shape and know how to enhance it and create symmetry. Some of the most beautiful women in the world have perfect face symmetry, most do not. So we can create this in our makeup artistry. Think of the art class you might have taken at one time, its all about symmetry.

Getting an actress ready for a fun Commercial Shoot!

What every working or inspiring Makeup Artist needs to be sensitive to is that they are dealing with a real person and your goal is to make them feel as good as they look. Its not all about you and your artistry, you need empathy and patience. This will take you very far if you understand this as a professional makeup artist. Check your ego at the door! 

For some women, even the very beautiful!......they are sometimes showing up at a job feeling vulnerable arriving with no makeup on, you will need to be able gain there trust. Doing someones makeup is an Intimate process so you tend to bond with your model/ talent easily in this process. When you work with high profile models or a celebrity,  they all ready have a strong idea of what makes them fell and look beautiful already, it is good practice to work with them to accomplish this. 

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