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5 Must-Have Beauty Products for Make-Up Artists Kits

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When it comes to achieving today's hottest make-up looks, there no denying that success is all about having the right techniques, products, and tools in your corner, right? However, it's important to understand from the get-go how important it is to build your beauty arsenal from the ground up. That means starting to build your collection by getting your hands on the essentials first. Here are a few of the must-have basics every professional make-up artist should have in her bag of tricks. You do not want to be on a job without them.

1. No Fail Highlighter and Concealer

Just as basic make-up supplies are the foundation of any professional make-up artist's go-to kit, a concealer you can really count on to deliver is part of building any one of today's most popular make-up looks. Opt for choices from top brands known for their attention to quality, as well as their ability to conceal a variety of blemishes including pimples, scars, and dark circles. Be sure to have enough color variety to mix and blend for all skin types and colors. A young woman with young eyes wears a different textured concealer than an older more mature woman whom may have creepiness or more wrinkles the wrong consistency concealer could be dangerous ! Pair with a good foundation and finely milled powder specifically for around the eyes. Loose setting powder for a flawless look .

2. Trustworthy Moisturizer

Dry or flaky skin can easily ruin an otherwise perfect cosmetic look, so always make sure you have a go-to moisturizer on hand capable of hydrating multiple skins types without going greasy or oily on you. Brands like Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and MAC make a number of reliable, effective options that work well under pretty much any type of make-up, whether you're going for the natural look or a more dramatic effect suitable for gracing the face of any model or actress.

3. The Right Eyeliner Pencil & Powder

All professional make-up looks require great eyeliner in order to look and feel complete. Start by selecting a couple of extremely flexible options that are capable of creating a number of different looks. The best choice will be soft and easy to apply, but also easy to blend. This makes it a simple process to create a wide variety of looks from soft and natural, to vintage, to smoky and dramatic. You could begin with a pencil eyeliner or use a powder for lining with the right brush of course! Depending on the look you are going for, liner has many many applications for effect.

4. Make-Up Remover

Knowing the ins and outs of effectively removing or correcting make-up is just as important as knowing how to apply it is. That said, no professional make-up artist should ever allow herself to be caught without a reliable catch-all make-up remover. For best results, choose an option that is oil-free (so as not to aggravate problem skin) and contains soothing, rejuvenating ingredients such as cucumber or aloe.

5. A Reliable Professional Make-Up Case

Every professional make-up artist ought to get herself a good quality travel make-up case sooner rather than later. Not only do today's professional make-up cases make it simple to store and protect all of your most necessary accessories, but they make it easy to take your business on the go as needed as well. Go for an option that features reinforced heat resistant exteriors, folding compartments, and expandable handles.

At the end of the day, building a make-up kit worthy of any seasoned professional isn't rocket science. However, it is largely about knowing where to start and what products to trust with your integrity and your livelihood. Experience takes you here!

Yvonne Ouellette

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