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Step By Step Guide to Smokey Eyes- Beautiful Easy Eye Makeup

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Sultry and super-sexy, every woman loves a smokey eye look. Smokey eyes is one of the most popular evening looks and the one I am often asked to do for certain catalog jobs. In This application, you can use a light hand or a heavy hand, to create the density of the smokey eye you like. This look is flattering to woman of all ages. Depending upon your mood, you can tone it down for  a more wearable , sophisticated version, or go heavier with the black liner to make it chic and edgy. Charcoal  Grey, metallic gun metals all work well, but don't feel limited, as you can also achieve this look with browns, deep berry  and midnight blues. 


1. Prep the eyelids with a shadow base, foundation or concealer set with a sheer light translucent powder. Starting at the outer corner of the upper lash line, take a black eyeliner pencil, and without drawing the line, take the pencil and smudge it into the between the roots of the lashes, keeping in mind, not to draw it on your lash line.

2.Work the pencil all the way along the  upper lash line and building in color with the tip of the pencil in between and around the lashes, this takes a little practice as we are used to "drawing" a ,line on the lash line. Using an eye pencil by smudging it in this way, gives depth of color and makes the eye lashes appear thicker.

3.Using a small pointed, natural hair brush, blend dark gray eyeshadow along the upper lash line, over the top of the eyeliner pencil and smudging the pencil and blending it together.

A pretty smokey eye for a shoot I worked on

4. Using a small to medium synthetic brush, apply silvery gray creme eyeshadow above the eyeliner, blending it up to the socket crease. This creates a creamy base for the powder eyeshadow to adhere to and intensifies the effect. Go light or bold.

5. Using a natural hair brush, blend a little more dark gray powder eyeshadow over the lower part of the lid, blending it from the lash line upward and outward...blurring the colors together. This technique is a big part of creating the "smokey" effect. 

6. Apply black eyeliner pencil all the way around inside of the upper lid and along the edge of the lower lid st the roots of the lashes. Finish with mascara to define the eyes.

Yvonne Ouellette

Makeup Artist

Take the guess work out and use this easy smokey eye palette

Smokey Eye PaletteSmokey Eyes Palette

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